April 2023 Election

Thank you to all who voted in our April 4 spring election.

Statewide, nearly 40% of our voting age population turned out to vote, according to the Wisconsin League of Women Voters. Our voter turnout for this spring election without a presidential primary set a record high. We beat the previous high of 34% voter turnout for a similar election, set in the 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court race.

More of us than usual voted in Pierce County, too. Unofficial results show that almost 12,000 of us here voted, about double the past 2 spring elections and almost 2/3 the count in last fall’s governor race.

The Supreme Court race centered on 3 issues: gerrymandered legislative districts, abortion rights, and election conspiracies.

Pierce County voted for the candidate who recognizes that a system where Dems win statewide race after statewide race and the majority of the total votes for Assembly candidates, but only a third of the seats, is rigged.

Poll after poll (and election after election) shows Wisconsites believe in a woman's right to choose. Janet Protasiewicz clearly stated that a 1849 law (passed when women weren't allowed to vote!) should not be deciding 2023 health care decisions.

Even the Wisconsin Trump campaign staff believed the 2020 election was fair, but Dan Kelly continued to work to have it overturn. This is what decided the race, here in Pierce and across Wisconsin.

Thanks for voting. Your vote matters.