Comparing Supreme Court Candidates

The contrast between candidates for Wisconsin’s Supreme court is obvious. Janet Protasciewicz is honest and transparent about her views.  She has said “I believe in a woman’s freedom to make her own decision on abortion”, and believes legislative elections are “rigged” due to partisan Republican gerrymandered districts.  Most Wisconsinites agree, as 68% favor broader access to abortion and over 80% oppose partisan gerrymandering.

Her far-right opponent pretends he has no opinions on cases that may come before Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.  Today that claim is disingenuous, but if Dan Kelly are seated on the Court and vote on the issues of abortion or gerrymandering, it will become a lie.

Remember that Donald Trump’s appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court promised Roe v. Wade was settled law and established precedent and  pledged to not let personal beliefs impact their future decisions. It's no surprise they lied.  Each voted to repeal Roe, and there is little doubt that personal beliefs swayed their decision.

Democrats earned 54% of the legislative vote state wide to 46% for Republican candidates.  Common sense, as well as fair legislative districts, would justify a near even split of seats.  Gerrymandered districts have produced a 21-11 advantage for Republicans in the Senate and a 64-35 advantage in the Assembly. Placing another conservative judge on the court will only guarantee the continuation of what many Wisconsin voters view as election theft.

Janet Protasciewicz’s honesty is not a problem in terms of judicial qualifications, it is a strength.  Don’t allow another far-right judge to conceal his views and intentions.  On April 4 Wisconsin voters should select Janet Protasciewicz, a moderate who will provide needed balance to our Supreme Court.