Protasiewicz vs Kelly

Janet Protasiewicz has criticized Wisconsin's gerrymandered legislative districts and believes that women should have the right to make their own health care decisions. Wisconsin voters agree with her on both issues. Dan Kelly, her radical opponent, has supported gerrymandered districts and believes that legislators and the courts should make women's health care decisions for them.

What should also frighten Wisconsin voters are Kelly's views on campaign finance. Kelly admitted that his campaign would raise and spend very little money, and went on to say the quiet part out loud. "Where you gonna get the other $20 million from?  There are these organizations around the country, and they have specific concerns."  

Think about who "these organizations" are, and what their "specific concerns" are likely to be.  Kelly has already received $1.79 million from Fair Courts Wisconsin, which is funded largely by Richard Uihlein, a long-time donor to far-right candidates.  Uilein has also given $2.5 million to groups seeking a total nationwide ban on abortions. Wisconsin voters are smart enough to understand that dark money always comes with strings attached. 

Dan Kelly will try and masquerade as an independent jurist. At some point in the careers of politicians who are owned by special interests, and Dan Kelly is just that, the favors are always called in.

Janet Protasiewicz has been transparent and honest about her views, and has also promised that "the way cases are determined won't be decided on personal values."  She is the candidate in this race who can be counted on to be fair and impartial. Wisconsin voters have a great opportunity to restore balance and fairness to Wisconsin’s Supreme Court on April 4th by electing Janet Protasiewicz.