Senate Bill 301

We hear a lot of comments like "he only listens to us when he's up for election" that add to the impression that politicians don't care what people think. Our opinions are cute but irrelevant and they know better.

Now Senate Bill 301, co-sponsored when it was in the assembly by our Rep. Warren Petryk, says the quiet part out loud. Part of the law states "No city, village, or town may conduct a referendum for advisory purposes." 

Pretty simple. Not only do the Republicans not want to hear from us, they want to make it illegal to speak up through a referendum.

We have non-binding, advisory referendums all the time. St. Croix County recently had one to add more deputies to the Sheriff's office. We've had them on gerrymandering and other issues here in Pierce. The Republicans had the gall to add constitutional questions to the recent Supreme Court election ballot to try to convince their base to show up, and then turn around to outlaw pretty much what they just did.

This is just silly on a number of fronts. Hiding it in a tax bill shows they know it's embarrassing. They know that referendums are essentially cost free – the election is going to happen anyway and the question just gets piggy backed onto the ballot. Silly or not, it shows how much they really (don't) care about our opinions.