Supreme Court Election

The Wisconsin that that we remember as kids bragged about being a progressive state. It revered Republican Governor "Fighting Bob" Lafollette and celebrated his many progressive reforms. It remained a moderate state for most of my life. I believe the Democrat's success in recent statewide elections, coupled with the fact that roughly 54% of the total legislative votes are cast for Democratic candidates, proves we haven't really changed.

That is why so many of us were frightened when Dan Kelly, a far-right candidate, survived the Supreme Court primary largely by trashing primary opponents for not publicly committing to his brand of extreme conservativism. He also picked a fight with conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn for joining moderates in a 4-3 ruling against the fake elector scheme. Kelly was "special counsel" for the group seeking to overturn the election and complained that Hagedorn was "supremely unreliable" as a conservative judge. 

Hagedorn's response was perfect, as he noted "you should not be able to predict how a justice will vote on the basis of his or her politics. I promised to follow the law wherever it leads. I have been true to my word." 

Kelly has proven he will overturn elections if he did not like the results. He would certainly support Wisconsin's gerrymandered legislative districts and abortion laws similar to the 1849 ban. Voters know this because Dan Kelly wants to remain supremely reliable to the far-right groups who are propping him up.

Janet Protasiewicz has been transparent in calling legislative maps "rigged" and saying that women's health care decisions should be made by women, not legislators or courts. This puts her squarely in line with a majority of Wisconsin voters. Wisconsin needs her moderate views on a Supreme Court that has been reliably conservative for too long. Please help Wisconsin return to our tradition of moderation by voting for Janet Protasiewicz on April 4th.