What Dems Stand For

I was having a conversation at the Fair last year with a local farmer and he asked what we stood for. It’s hard to boil everything into a few lines, but a quick summary is:

Jobs.  What can we do to make and keep our county attractive to companies that pay well and provide good benefits? How can we help our residents start the businesses they dream of owning?

Education.  Our schools, technical colleges, and universities are good investments because they help our young people reach the goals they’ve set for a better life. They need to available and affordable.

Natural Resources.  Pierce County provides access to hunting, fishing, hiking, water sports, winter sports, and a beautiful landscape that calms and inspires. There are threats to our clean water and fresh air — we can’t take them for granted.

Fairness.  Nonpartisan voting districts have been denied to us for too long and it’s led to the party getting the minority of votes having the majority of seats in our state assembly and senate. Moderate voices are being drowned out. We need those viewpoints most of all for attracting jobs, improving our schools, managing our natural resources, and promoting fairness.